How to Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break

December 15, 2021

Your daughter is counting down the days until summer break, but you might be a little nervous. You don’t know how to keep your child active during summer break, so you’re worried your little one will spend weeks on her phone. Find out what you can do to keep your child active and engaged throughout the summer break.

Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break at Camp

Did you know that only 24 percent of 6–17-year-olds engage in at least an hour of physical activity each day? Because of that, it’s hard to keep kids active and engaged at home. However, you can solve the problem by sending them to a Pennsylvania summer camp. Camp is full of activities, so your daughter will keep going all day long.

Take a typical day at Camp Netimus for Girls, for instance. The girls participate in five activities during the day, along with an activity period and an evening activity. While they are busy most of the day, they’ll also have some downtime to relax at this PA summer camp for girls.

The best part is your child will love participating while at camp. The same daughter that might complain about going out and playing with her friends will have a blast engaging in activities with their new friends at camp.

Of course, your daughter won’t stay at camp for the entire summer. Thus, check out some tips to keep your child active during the summer break at home.

Set Up Competitions to Keep Kids Active at Home

When deciding how to keep your child active during summer break, consider setting up a competition. Kids have so much fun competing against each other, and they tend to push themselves to get the results they want. That means that they’ll get lots of exercise during competitions.

You can set up a race or even a scavenger hunt for your daughter to compete against her friends or family. She’ll take off as fast as she can in hopes of winning a prize.

Utilize Educational Activities for Your Kids

You want your daughter to be physically and mentally active this summer. Thus, include some educational activities over the summer months. You can teach your child a skill, such as building bird feeders or growing gardens. Then, she can use her physical and mental strength to fine-tune the skill. Your daughter might even end up with a new hobby after working on some new skills.

Use Water to Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break

Water activities are also a fun way to increase your child’s activity level. You can set up a sprinkler for your kid to run through or play games with water balloons. Some families even use the water hose to play limbo. No matter what you do, the key is to keep your child moving.

Engage in Activities As a Family This Summer

It’s easier to keep kids active when you join them, so consider adding some family-friendly activities to the agenda this summer. You can take a bike ride or go rollerblading as a family. Plus, you can hit some hiking trails if you want to explore nature. With so many options available outside, brainstorm for some activities your family would enjoy. Then, make plans to do them together.

Set Up Fun Activities With Other Children

Your kids will also stay more active when they can hang out with their buddies. You can set up playdates for a young child. However, an older daughter might benefit from joining a sports team. Then, she can enjoy some healthy competition and lots of exercise. Consider your child’s needs and style, and then come up with a plan so she can stay active and thrive.

Place a Strict Limit on Screen Time Over the Summer

When coming up with ways to keep your child active during summer break, it might start to feel like mobile devices are your worst enemy. It’s hard to get kids to go out and play when they’re buried in their screens.

Thus, set a hard limit for screen time that your child has to follow throughout the summer. With limited screen time, your daughter will put up less of a fuss when you tell her to get active.

Because weaning kids off screens can be so hard, many parents choose to send them to overnight camp first. They learn to get off their screens and embrace the world around them at overnight camp. Then, when they return home, they’re less reliant on mobile devices and the online world in general.

Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break While Indoors

If your child likes to play outdoors, keeping her active isn’t very hard. However, bad weather will appear at some point during the summer, so you need to be prepared. First, come up with some indoor activities your daughter will enjoy, such as a dance party and a game of Twister. Then, utilize the ideas when the weather is too bad to go outside.

Have Your Child Follow a Routine During Summer Break

When considering how to keep your child active during summer break, it’s important to think of the impact a routine can have. Your daughter will follow a routine at summer camp, so she’ll wake up and go to bed around the same time every night. She’ll also have scheduled activities to engage in throughout the day.

Your daughter can continue to benefit from a routine at home. With a set time to go to bed and wake up, your daughter will have more energy. Also, with set activities, she’ll be more likely to stay active during the summer.

Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break at Summer Camp

Your daughter won’t have any trouble staying active this summer when she attends Camp Netimus for Girls in Milford, PA. The camp is full of fun activities, including horseback riding, so your daughter will have her most active summer yet. Learn more about our overnight camp or reserve a bunk by calling (570) 296-6131.