Girls’ Summer Camp Near New York

October 15, 2021

Do you know about the numerous benefits of sending your daughter to a girls’ summer camp near New York? While you’re probably aware that she’ll have a blast, you might not realize that the camp experience comes with some additional benefits that will improve her quality of life and set her up for success. First, go over some of the top reasons that summer camp helps girls thrive. Then, you can reserve a bunk for your daughter so she can have the full camp experience.

Build Social Skills at a Girls’ Summer Camp Near New York

Did you know that researchers have discovered a link between positive relationships and overall well-being? Basically, people with positive relationships throughout their lives are more likely to be happy and successful adults. Of course, relationships don’t just happen. First, you have to fine-tune your social skills. Then, you can grow and nurture relationships.

The American Camp Association reviewed the results of a survey on the impact of overnight camp on social skills. Out of the 147 children surveyed, 140 stated their social skills had improved due to the camp experience. A majority of the parents questioned also saw an improvement in their children’s social skills when they got home from camp.

A girls’ summer camp near New York will give your daughter ample opportunities to interact with people outside of her normal friend group. As a result, her conversational and social skills should improve, meaning she’ll be poised for a successful and happy life. That’s a fantastic reason to enroll your daughter in an overnight camp.

Overcome Fear With New Experiences and Activities 

Your daughter likely has a few activities she enjoys, and she spends her time doing them. As fun as that might be, it’s important to try new things and experiences. It helps people overcome the fear of the unknown and learn more about themselves. It can even stimulate creativity in people.

A girls’ summer camp near New York is the ideal place for your daughter to immerse herself in new experiences and activities. There are dozens of options at camp, so she can broaden her horizons. For instance, your daughter can enroll in an equestrian program at camp to learn about riding and caring for horses. She can also go mountain biking, enjoy water sports, try her hand at archery, and so much more.

As your daughter moves through the activities, she’ll discover how much fun it is to break out of her comfort zone. As a result, she won’t let the fear of the unknown hold her back in the future. That’s an excellent life lesson that will help her as she becomes an adult.

Become More Independent and Self-Sufficient

As a parent, you know the importance of preparing your daughter for when she leaves the nest. In order to succeed outside of your home, she needs to become independent and self-sufficient. That doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing things for her, but you know the importance of self-reliance for success in adulthood.

Sending your daughter to a girls’ summer camp near New York can help her become more independent and learn to rely on herself. Sleeping away from home, engaging in activities without her parents around, and making new friends will help her get her own footing in the world. Then, when the time comes for her to go to college or get a job, she’ll tap into that independence to meet each new situation head-on.

Unplug With Electronics and Connect With Nature

“Screen time” is a common concern for parents. You likely worry about how much your daughter is on her phone or computer and wish she would go outside and play. Fortunately, she’ll do just that when attending a girls’ summer camp near New York. Texting will be the last thing on her mind when she’s bouncing from activity to activity with her new friends.

When she returns from camp, she’ll also be more likely to put down her devices from time to time to enjoy the world around her. It’s amazing what a couple of weeks of fresh air and sunshine can do to a young girl’s mindset. Suddenly, mobile devices and computers don’t seem like nearly as much fun.

Thrive in an All-Female Environment at Camp

With co-ed and all-girls camps available, you might be unsure of which to send your child. However, your daughter will thrive at an all-girls overnight camp near New York. At co-ed camps, girls often feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. They’re worried about what the boys are thinking, so they might not want to put on their swimsuits or try new activities, afraid of embarrassing themselves.

Those fears disappear at a girls’ summer camp near New York. Instead of worrying about what the boys will think, the campers can focus on having fun and making friends. They’re more likely to dive into the activities because they aren’t worried about embarrassment.

That newfound confidence sticks with them when they return from camp. In fact, your daughter likely won’t be nearly as worried about what others think after thriving at summer camp.  

Surround Your Daughter With Positive Role Models

Summer camp counselors go through training to help them mentor the young girls at camp. Through training, they develop the skills needed to become strong role models. Your daughter will spend time with strong, confident counselors that she’ll look up to and want to emulate. That’s much more positive than choosing celebrities as role models.

Book a Spot at a Girls’ Summer Camp Near New York

Your daughter will enjoy these benefits and more at Camp Netimus for Girls in Milford, PA. Our girls’ summer camp provides a supportive environment and ample activities for your daughter to enjoy. She’ll overcome her fears, become more independent, and enjoy a healthy boost of confidence. Plus, she can refine her social skills while at camp.

Bunks can fill up quickly, so reserve a spot for your daughter today by calling  (570) 296-6131. Then, she can prepare for a thrilling and life-changing experience at summer camp.