The Green Department

green-programThe “Green” Department at Camp Netimus emphasizes all things relating to healthy living, care for the environment and learning to live responsibly in and with our world.

Organic Gardening:
“Grow good stuff anywhere!” allows campers to participate in raising and preparing their own vegetables from the gardens at camp. All veggies are grown in small raised bed plots or containers and started in our greenhouse. Everything learned here can be practiced at home, even in urban settings.

Small Farm Animal Care:
“TLC for our furry/feathered friends!” is for campers that want to learn more about animal care, including feeding, keeping small animals healthy and grooming. We have several pens of animals to care for.

“Feed your friends & family!” is a hands on activity where campers learn all the steps of preparing a meal from planning to serving! Campers will learn new recipes and cooking skills to take home to family and friends.