What makes your camp different from others?

Netimus provides a small (140 campers), supportive environment where girls can feel safe, secure and confident with a 2.5: 1 camper to counselor ration. In our 10 day, pre-camp session, staff are trained to encourage friendship and peer acceptance.  Exclusive behavior is quickly identified, strongly discouraged and not tolerated.

Our method of activity scheduling allows campers to make their own schedules. This degree of customization is second to none in the industry. Many camps require campers to go to activities as a cabin group or allow campers to choose only a part of their schedule. Some camps allow full choice of activities every day, giving plenty of choice but very little consistent instruction. We think we offer the best of both worlds in program design.

We offer a strong instructional program in English horseback riding, an extensive ropes course, a complete arts department and a new green program offering classes in animal care, environmental stewardship and more. Please consult the activity list for other creative programs.

Where is Camp Netimus?

Camp Netimus is located on 400 acres in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. It is approximately 90 miles from New York City, 120 miles from Philadelphia, 235 miles north of Baltimore, and 270 miles north of Washington, DC.

What is the weather like?

The average daytime temperature during the camp season reaches about 80 degrees. It gets cool at night (in the 50's) and blankets are often needed for sleeping.

Is the camp accredited by the ACA?

Yes. Camp Netimus is an accredited member of the American Camp Association (ACA) which inspects safety, cleanliness, and programs on a regular basis. We are also inspected and licensed annually by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for drinking water, public bathing facilities and food service.

What is the name of Netimus' brother camp?

Our brother camp, Camp Shohola for Boys, is located in Greeley. It is located 13 miles from Netimus and events such as horse shows, canoe trips and water skiing tournaments are scheduled throughout the summer. Brother/sister visits take place each Sunday and dances are held bi-weekly.  Participation is completely optional.


How competitive is camp?

competitive-faqThere's something for everyone at Netimus! All activities are elective so campers may choose from competitive or noncompetitive classes. Tournaments with other camps are held often and are optional. Green and White is an ongoing competition which includes day and evening activities involving sports, board games, marathons, puzzle solving, clue nights, etc.

What evening activities are planned?

evening-activities-faqThere are different activities every night. These include cabin nights, option nights, dances/socials with Camp Shohola (our brother camp), Green and White activities (color war), campfires, skits and shows, as well as counselor-planned activities like "Flea Market", "Casino Night", Halloween, etc.

How much choice will my daughter have in her daily activities?

Each camper chooses ten instructional activities for the session. With the exception of swimming which is mandatory, campers may pick from more than 45 selections. These activities meet three times a week, five activity periods per day. It is our hope that campers will select a varied program from watersports, landsports,the arts, and specialty areas, so that they will return home with new skills as well as expanded former interests.

Do you schedule inter-camp events or tournaments, and how often?

Yes. Weekly inter-camp tournaments are held in activities such as land sports, water sports, and riding with other local camps. Tournaments are age grouped and are optional.

What out-of-camp trips do campers take?

Water-skiing and/or banana boating at Lake Wallenpaupack, canoeing down the Delaware River, camping, hiking, mountain biking, overnight camp-outs, daytime hiking trips, a minor league baseball game (in July), local county fair (in August) and field trips (theater, arts & crafts related, etc. depending on weather and interest).

Please note: a swimming test must be passed before a camper can participate in any out-of-camp water activity.

What special events are scheduled?

Olympic Day, Marathon Day, 4th of July celebration, the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees baseball game (N.Y. Yankees farm team), movie trips, etc.

Are there religious services?

No. Camp Netimus is a non-sectarian camp. Historically campers have been taken to Catholic church based on parent requests, but no religious services are held on camp property.

Bunk Assignments:

How many counselors are in the bunks with the girls?

There are two counselors living in each cabin with 8 campers. Younger campers have three counselors in the cabin.

How do you assign campers to bunks/cabins?

Campers are assigned by considering 6 things: age, grade level, length of stay at camp, maturity, returning or new camper, and requests.

What is your camper to counselor ratio?

We have 145 girls at camp and about 60 counselors; this does not include the Admin Team (Senior Staff) or support staff. So, we have a ratio of 2.4 campers per counselor.


What are the cabins like that the campers live in?

Cabins are wood-framed buildings with screens and sliding windows, bunk beds, electrical lights and outlets. All cabins have bathrooms (toilets and sinks). There is a centrally located shower house (with individual stall showers and a bathroom) as well as a centrally located bathroom facility (with toilets and sinks) which is called the "Main Bingee". The younger cabin groups have a shower in their cabin.

Can my daughter use a suitcase instead of a trunk?

Unfortunately not. Suitcases do not fare well in cabins. Besides, trunks can also be used for seating or as a step stool for top bunks. They are very hearty and can be used forever. They can be passed on to siblings, and a lot of campers even take them to college.


What are the ages of the campers?

Camp Netimus is for girls from age 7 to 16, completing first through tenth grade.

How many campers and staff do you have?

We average 145 campers and 80 staff members. Up to eight campers and two or three counselors live in each cabin.

Where do your campers come from?

Most of our campers are from the mid-Atlantic states, although campers come from across the United States and many European, Latin American and Asian countries.

Will my daughter have daily chores?

Yes. Each camper is expected to help serve a table about four meals per week. She also is expected to participate daily in a general clean-up around camp, as well as make her bed and keep her personal property and cabin in order. We stress conservation of natural resources and have an active recycling and energy conservation program in which all campers are encouraged to participate.


How does Netimus recruit and interview counselors?

We recruit by word of mouth, through agencies, the internet, advertisements and college job fairs. All counselors are interviewed in person or via telephone. Background checks are performed on all new staff members. International counselors are hired through agencies that interview and screen prospective counselors before they go through our interviewing and selection process.

Is there a staff orientation and what does it cover?

Yes. There is a 10 day pre-camp training program which includes sessions on teaching techniques and lesson planning, health and safety, emergency procedures, department set-up, personnel policies, cabin dynamics and handling situations. In addition, some staff members come to camp early for certification or refresher courses in various activity areas.

What is Camp Netimus' policy regarding staff and the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco?

Counselors are expected to be on duty and not "under the influence" when at camp. There is zero tolerance for the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on camp property. The staff members we hire understand their responsibilities and sign a contract in that regard. Counselors are terminated immediately for violation of this policy.

Food Service:

What is the camp food like?

In the opinion of most campers and staff members, the food is excellent. We offer a diverse menu with unlimited quantities except for desserts which are kept to a single serving to limit sugar intake. In addition to the food served at the tables, there are optional choices provided at a steam table and an extensive salad bar at lunch and dinner. Peanut butter and jelly is always available.  We are able to handle special diets including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and food allergies.

How is the food served?

The food is served family style. Eight campers and two counselors sit at a table. Table assignments are changed weekly so that campers have the opportunity to meet other campers and counselors. Singing and silliness are also a mealtime tradition.

Health Concerns:

How many people work in the Health Center, and what certifications do they hold?

We generally have a staff of three working in the Health Center. At least one (and usually two) is a Registered Nurse. The other worker(s) have medical training (LPN, EMT, etc.).

What is the Health Center like?

Our Health Center consists of a six-bed ward, an isolation room, and a treatment room as well as a full bathroom. The Center is staffed 24 hours a day.

What is your notification policy concerning a child being sick?

Parents are notified if a child visits the doctor or if she spends an overnight in the Health Center.

How close are emergency medical facilities?

Milford has an ambulance service. There is a hospital with an emergency room in Port Jervis, NY, which is approximately 10 miles away. We use a doctor who practices full-time in the town of Milford, PA, which is approximately 5 miles away from camp.

How do you handle homesickness?

Homesickness is handled on a case-by-case basis. Homesickness and adaptation to camp life is closely monitored by the senior and health care staff. Formal input is also provided by counselors. Difficult cases are handled by the Directors, who in turn are in touch with the child's parents. Parental support is crucial.

Keeping In Contact With Your Daughter:

What is Camp's communication policy?

Campers must write a letter home at least once a week. Campers may NOT receive phone calls during the first week of camp. AFTER the first week of camp, parents may call the camper phone lines during meal times for a brief phone call. Campers cannot call home except for special occasions (such as birthdays of parents/siblings). Campers can receive but not send e-mails.

What is Camp's policy regarding cell phones?

Cell phones are NOT permitted at camp. Any camper bringing a cell phone to camp will be asked to leave it in the office for safe keeping. The phone will be returned when the camper checks out at the end of camp.

Laundry Service:

How is laundry done?

Laundry is done "in-house". Cabin groups take their laundry to the camper laundry once a week and pick it up the next day. Laundry service is included in the camp fee. Please label all camper possessions.


What types of vehicles are used for transporting campers?

Camp Netimus owns and rents a number of buses and vans and keeps them inspected and in good repair; safety checks are performed weekly.

Who does the driving of campers to out-of-camp activities?

In order to drive a vehicle which is transporting campers, staff members must be 23 years of age and pass a classroom and road test in a camp owned vehicle. Buses are driven by CDL licensed drivers only.

What kind of transportation is provided for campers at the beginning and end of the camp sessions?

Coach buses are hired to transport campers to and from camp. Bus service is available from Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY as well as Newark and JFK airports. All vans and coaches have camp staff/chaperones on board. Airports arrivals and departures are performed by members of the senior staff. Bus and airport transportation are available for an additional fee.

Finding Out More About Camp Netimus:

Is there an orientation for campers and parents before the summer?

Yes. We hold an Open House/Tour weekend in late March or early April. We also sponsor a Family Orientation Weekend during the Memorial Day weekend, giving new parents and campers a taste of overnight camp life with camp food, activities, as well as orientation sessions for parents. Returning campers and their parents are present to answer questions.

Do you supply references?

Of course. We try to provide references that are close to the child's age and/or geographical area.

How can I find out more about Netimus and whether it's right for my daughter?

Call us at 1-866-NETIMUS or 570-296-6131. Email us at Attend one of our Open house/slide presentations. Tour our camp in the off-season or during the summer. Talk to references which we will gladly provide. Review our Netimus website and watch our camp video.