Water Sports

Splishin’ & Splashin’ at Lake Netimus!
The Waterfront Department

“Keep yourself afloat!” – instruction for all six American Red Cross swimming levels is provided at our own Lake Netimus. Swimming classes are required for all campers unless they have passed out of Red Cross swimming level VI at Camp Netimus. In addition to swimming classes, we have swim meets with other camps in which participation is voluntary.

American Red Cross swimming levels:
Level I: “Testing the waters!” – getting into the water, practicing blowing bubbles, and basic swimming skills.
Level II: “I think I can do it!” – continuation of Level I.
Level III: “Getting my feet wet!” – mostly in shallow water; putting face in the water and beginning to learn the breast stroke, freestyle, back stroke, and side stroke.
Level IV: “Give me some gills, I’m becoming a fish!” – continued instruction and further mastery of the strokes taught in Level III.
Level V: “Look ma! I can swim!” refining learned strokes and working on butterfly stroke.
Level VI: “Sign me up for the Olympics!” – demonstrated mastery of the following strokes: freestyle, breast, back, butterfly, and side.

Water-skiing/Banana Boating
“Feel the need for speed?” – this class is taught at Lake Wallenpaupack by staff who are certified in life guarding, first aid, and CPR. Instruction is provided to both beginner and advanced skiers who qualify.



“Bow? Stern? Where’s the front?” – beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered on our own Lake Netimus. Canoe trips on the Delaware River are offered to campers who qualify.

“Be your own captain!” – various levels of kayaking instruction are taught on our own Lake Netimus.

“Start here, and soon you’ll be on your own yacht!” – campers learn to rig and sail “Sunfish” right on our own Lake Netimus.