Camp Netimus, a Summer Camp for Girls was founded as an all-girls residential camp in 1930.

Camp Netimus for Girls was founded by the Moore family of Philadelphia and named after an 18th century Delaware Indian chief. Netimus opened in 1930 with 16 campers and included among its facilities the lodge, four cabins, the "bingee" (the shared bathroom in the cabin grove), and one tennis court. Construction was begun on the dam for the lake, and later a second tennis court and the infirmary were built. More than 80 years later, Camp Netimus Sleepaway Camp for Girls has grown to 140 campers with the same philosophy that has allowed us to thrive all these years. As a leading Sleepaway Camp for Girls in the country, Camp Netimus gives girls ages 7-16 increased confidence, self-reliance, and independence.

The Camp Netimus Directors believe there is real value in simply having fun. At Camp Netimus, our goal is to provide girls with a residential summer camp experience filled with moments of self-discovery and spirited activity. Instilled with the tradition of warmth, nurturing and companionship, Camp Netimus is a place where enduring relationships are born and lifelong friendships develop.

Sleepaway Camp for Girls

Girls return to our summer camp for girls in Pennsylvania year after year; many following the traditions of their mothers and grandmothers. Camp Netimus is indeed an extraordinary place. We invite you to share that experience with us.

Camp Netimus is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association, the national summer camps accreditation organization. The American Camp Association (ACA) actively promotes and supports camp safety, providing camp leaders with well-tested programs and services that go well beyond fundamental protection and safety.

If you are looking for a Summer Camp for Girls for your daughter, Camp Netimus, an award-winning Girls Sleep Away Camp is only a phone call away. Please Contact Us for session availability, further information OR to schedule a tour of our sleep away camp for girls in Pennsylvania or to schedule a home visit.