Residential Camp Pennsylvania

September 6, 2017

Are you interested in sending your child(ren) to a residential camp for summer 2018? Look no further than Camp Netimus right here in Pennsylvania! We encourage our future families to get familiar with us:

Contact us for our brochure and DVD
Schedule a tour of Camp Netimus
Attend our Family Orientation Weekend

3 Benefits of a Residential Camp

1. Foster independence. Residential camp is an ideal place for kids to learn independent living and self-responsibility.
2. Venture out. Here at Camp Netimus we offer actives including (but not limited to): hiking trips, mountain biking, and high and low ropes course.
3. Take a tech break. Children are instructed to leave their tech devices at home before coming to Camp Netimus. This always turns into a big bonus!

Our Program Will Feature:

▪ Equestrian
▪ Equestrian
▪ Performing arts
▪ Adventure and discovery
▪ Water sports
▪ Land sports
▪ Fine arts and crafts
▪ Out of camp trips
▪ And much more!

As a parent, you want to send your child(ren) to a residential camp that supports your family values; where your child(ren) can learn, grow, make new friends, and most of all, where they can have fun and be carefree. That’s exactly the residential camp experience we offer here at Camp Netimus in Pennsylvania! Visit our website to request more information about Camp Netimus, or contact us today at 1.866.NETIMUS!

Camp Netimus is one of the leading sleepaway camps for girls in the Country. If you’re looking for a summer camp for girls that highlights activities like: horseback riding, dance, gymnastics, water skiing, and/or musical theatre in the Northeast area: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, contact Camp Netimus at: 1.866.NETIMUS (toll free) or 570.296.6131