Horseback Riding Camp For Girls

October 11, 2018

Where Can I Find A Horseback Riding Camp For Girls?

Camp Netimus is a sleepaway camp for girls in Pennsylvania that has an established horseback riding program. Our goal is to encourage campers to become knowledgeable and confident horseback riders with the help of our expert instructors. All of our horses are carefully selected to suit any rider, no matter their skill level.

What Are The Benefits Of A Horseback Riding Camp For Girls?

horseback riding camp for girls Every young girl wants a pony at some point in their life. At ACA-accredited Camp Netimus, we help make this dream a reality! Our “Horse of Your Own” program is an opportunity for girls to learn more about horses in a hands-on environment. We teach girls about stable management and how to properly care for the horses. Our campers groom, bathe, braid, and feed horses, while also learning about breeds, colors, and health. This provides a basis for a lifelong relationship between a girl and her horse.

What Other Activities Are Offered At A Horseback Riding Camp?

We offer a variety of activities to ensure that every camper can participate and learn about the things that interest them. We have a green program that emphasizes healthy living, long lists of land and water sports, as well as all types of arts and other crafts. This wide variety of activities allow campers to connect with new friends while doing the things they love, as well as trying something new that they may enjoy unexpectedly.

Finding A Horseback Riding Camp For Girls

Our team at Camp Netimus are experts in sleepaway camp for girls. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding horseback riding camp for girls in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New England, and Maryland. Contact Camp Netimus today to find out more information. Call now 1-866-NETIMUS.