Overnight Camp Maryland

At Camp Netimus, we go above and beyond to make sure all of our campers have the best summer ever. We guarantee that no other girl’s summer camp provides the activities and experiences that we offer. If you are looking for an overnight camp in Maryland, Camp Netimus is a great choice for your daughter. What Is Camp Louemma? Camp Netimus is an overnight summer camp for girls that focuses on the interests and needs of campers. We offer a variety of fun events, activities, and trips that will stay with your child for a lifetime. Our activity scheduling allows campers … Read more

Overnight Summer Camp for Girls in PA

girls camp pennsylvania

Is your daughter(s) ready for an overnight summer camp for girls? Kids are usually nine or 10 when they go away to camp for the first time, therefore we at Camp Netimus in PA encourage parents to have a good discussion with their daughter(s), and ask if they think they’re ready, before sending them off to camp. 3 Ways to Prepare Your Daughter(s) for an Overnight Summer Camp for Girls Overnight campers should be: Comfortable staying overnight at a friend’s house Able to dress themselves in the morning, and Sending a kid with a classmate or younger/older sibling can help … Read more