Girls Summer Camp near Maryland

Unsure of what your daughter should do this summer? Instead of keeping her home and in front of a computer or TV screen this summer, send her to Camp Netimus! Camp Netimus is a great Girls Summer camp near Maryland. Camp Netimus is sleepaway summer camp for girls of all ages situated in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, a short drive from Maryland. At Camp Netimus, girls will spend their days making memories and learning skills that will stay with them once they leave at the end of the summer. Keep on reading to hear some more reasons why your daughter should attend … Read more

Girls Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania | Camp Netimus

Are you looking for an a Girls Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania to send your daughter to this summer? Look no further than Camp Netimus, the sister camp to Camp Shohola (an all boys camp for your son) located in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania in Milford, PA! At Camp Netimus, one of the top Girls Sleepaway Camps in Pennsylvania, there are endless activities and programs for your daughter to partake in, while having more fun at camp than she has ever had before. Our girls sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania is the perfect place for your daughter to face her fears, meet new people … Read more

Residential Camp New Jersey

Camp Netimus, a residential camp for girls near New Jersey offers a wide range of activities from outdoor adventures, water sports, land sports, arts and crafts, performing arts and even equestrian. If you’re interested in a residential camp for girls in New Jersey, look no further than Camp Netimus. We are the picture perfect summer camp that you imagine every time you close your eyes and think of summer. We’re located in Milford, PA, this residential summer camp is a great place for girls, with over a hundred faculty and staff representing different countries from around the world, working to ensure your camper has … Read more

Horse Riding Camp Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a summer camp for your daughter this summer? Is your daughter interested in learning how to horseback ride and partake in an equestrian program? Well, then look no further than Camp Netimus in Pennsylvania! At Camp Netimus, we have one of the most complete equestrian/horseback riding programs in the country. Camp Netimus for Girls has an established horseback riding program offering instruction in English hunt seat and dressage. Our goal is to encourage campers to become confident, knowledgeable horsewomen achieved through sound instruction. Our horses are carefully selected for their suitability for riders of all levels and … Read more