Summer Camp Near Me

October 15, 2020

Have you found yourself asking, “What’s the best summer camp near me?” You want to find a top summer camp for your daughter, and you aren’t sure which one to choose. Camp Netimus in Milford, PA, stands out. Find out why so many people choose this camp.

Fun Activities at a “Summer Camp Near Me”

When your daughter attends Camp Netimus, she’ll get to enjoy all kinds of activities. Campers can participate in watersports, land sports, creative arts, performing arts, and adventurous activities at this summer camp near Maryland. This is the perfect place for your daughter to try out new activities, including archery, riflery, fabric painting, horseback riding, and outdoor cooking. Also, this is the right spot for your daughter to learn more about her favorite hobbies.

“Summer Camp Near Me” for All Ages

You probably wonder if your daughter is the right age to attend Camp Netimus. Campers aged 7-16 can attend this exciting camp. When your daughter reaches the age of 16, she can return to camp as a counselor in training. Then, your daughter can lead the way for younger girls who are just starting camp life.

“Summer Camp Near Me” for Meeting New Friends

Girls who attend Camp Netimus make lifelong friendships. Spending time at a girls’ sleepaway camp in the Northeast is the ideal way to form bonds with others. Your daughter will leave camp with strong friendships that will continue to grow. Don’t be surprised if many of those friendships continue into adulthood.

Reserve a Spot at Camp Netimus Today

These are just some of the reasons that Camp Netimus for Girls is a top residential camp. Call Camp Netimus at (570) 296-6131 to reserve a spot for your daughter. Then, she can spend the summer engaging in activities with her new friends. In the process, she’ll gain confidence and learn skills that will help her mature.