Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

July 15, 2021

Choosing the right summer camp in Pennsylvania is the key to ensuring your kids have a blast. The question is: How do you know a camp is the right one? Let’s go over some features to look for to help you choose a camp that will provide an amazing experience.

Choose a Summer Camp in Pennsylvania That Focuses on Inclusion

It’s important to choose a summer camp that offers an inclusive environment. You want your kids to attend a camp that is accepting and encourages friendships. While most camps say they strive to include everyone and prevent cliques, not all follow through. Instead of taking a camp’s word for it, find out what it does to ensure everyone feels welcome. For instance, if a camp provides pre-camp training for counselors and other staff that focuses on peer inclusion and building friendships, you know that it delivers on its promise.

Let Your Kids Pick Their Own Schedules

If you send your kids to a regimented summer camp in Pennsylvania, they probably won’t have much fun. Instead, they’ll spend their days participating in activities that don’t interest them. By the time camp is over, they’ll be excited to go home. On the other hand, if they get to build their own schedules, their days will be filled with activities they love or are excited to try. The days will fly by, and they’ll wish the summer could last longer.

But Make Sure There’s Some Structure

You want your kids to meet new people and try new things. Because of that, it’s also important to choose a summer camp in Pennsylvania that includes group activities for everyone to enjoy. Activities like camp skits, socials, and campfires will allow your kids to interact with all the campers in their age groups.

Select an All-Girls Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

You have the option of sending your kids to a co-ed or all-girls sleepaway camp. If you want your daughters to enjoy the ultimate camp experience, choose an all-girls summer camp. Without boys around, girls are more willing to try new activities and be themselves. Also, they can build their confidence and make life-long friends.

Camp Netimus for Girls is the Ideal Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

Camp Netimus for Girls is an inclusive camp where girls can thrive. The entire staff undergoes a 10-day pre-camp session where they learn how to encourage peer acceptance and friendships. Campers build their own schedules at the camp while also attending nightly activities. Plus, this is an all-girls camp, so your daughters can build confidence and have a blast without distractions. If you’d like to send your daughters to our Milford, PA, summer camp, call  (570) 296-6131.