Summer Camp Cost in Pennsylvania

April 15, 2021

Your kids will get so much out of attending summer camp in Pennsylvania. They’ll make new friends, explore fun activities, and build confidence. You just need to go over the summer camp cost in Pennsylvania and reserve a spot for your kids. Find out how much you can expect to pay to send your daughters to overnight camp this summer.

Cost of Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

The summer camp cost in Pennsylvania varies greatly depending on where you are sending your child. Some summer camps charge $2,000 or more a week, according to the American Camp Association. However, your children can attend an amazing camp for less than that. In fact, you can send your daughter for a five-week session at Camp Netimus for Girls for $7,100. That’s much less than the $10,000 you’d pay at some summer camps. You can also upgrade and send your kids for the entire season or just have them go for a week or two. There are pricing options for all of your needs.

Summer Camp Cost in Pennsylvania for Additional Programs

Before you determine the cost, you also need to think about what your kids want out of summer camp. For instance, if they want to participate in an equestrian program at summer camp, that will likely cost extra. By going over their needs before you determine the cost, you will get a more accurate total.

Spending Allowance for Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

You should also consider the spending allowance when determining the cost of summer camp in Pennsylvania. Most summer camps require that you give your kids additional money they can use at the camp store, for out-of-camp trips, and more. The spending allowance is usually pretty small. For instance, if you send your kids to camp for two weeks, $100 per child is usually enough. For a five-week session, you’ll want to give your kids $250 each.

Get the Most for Your Money When Choosing a Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

The summer camp cost is just one factor to consider. You also need to think about what you will get for the money. Camp Netimus for Girls in Milford, PA, has everything your daughters will need for a fun-filled summer. There are programs and activities for all tastes, including water sports, land sports, and arts and crafts. There is even an equestrian program. Call (570) 296-6131 to book a spot for your daughter today.