Sleepaway Camp Cost Near Maryland

May 15, 2021

Researching the cost of a sleepaway camp near Maryland is often one of the first steps in planning for a summer adventure. Instead of having a single set cost, various factors go into the price of overnight camp. Check out the different factors that affect the cost of overnight camp.

Length of Sleepaway Camp Near Maryland

First, you have to consider the length of the overnight camp. The cost varies depending on how long you want your kids to attend camp. If your kids attend summer camp for two weeks at Camp Netimus for Girls, you’ll pay $3,500 for the first and second weeks. Three-week sessions cost $4,750, while four-week sessions run to $5,900. You can send your kids to sleepaway camp near Maryland for five weeks for $7,100 or let them enjoy the entire season for $8,750.

Sibling Discounts for Sleepaway Camp Near Maryland

Are you sending more than one child to sleepaway camp? Camp Netimus for Girls offers a 5 percent discount if you send two or more daughters to camp. They have to be enrolled in at least a four-week session to receive the discount.

Save Money With Referrals

Do you know of any other kids who would enjoy sleepaway camp? If you refer them to Camp Netimus for Girls, you can get a discount. You’ll receive 5 percent off for each referral that enrolls in camp. That’s a great way to save while helping others enjoy the summer camp experience.

Extra Fees

When looking at the cost of a sleepaway camp near Maryland, think of the extras your kids will want to enjoy. For instance, equestrian camp costs extra, but it’s money well spent. You’ll also need to send your kids with some money to use at the canteen and camp store. This money will also go toward out-of-camp trips. The amount you send depends on the length of the camp. For instance, if your kids are attending a two-week session, they’ll need $100 each. If they are attending a season, they’ll need $250.

Get More Details About Sleepaway Camp Near Maryland

You can find out exactly how much camp will cost by contacting Camp Netimus for Girls in Milford, PA. The staff will go over your specific needs and then go over the costs with you. Call Camp Netimus for Girls (570) 296-6131 to learn more.