Camp Netimus, a residential summer camp for girls, located in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


horse-ridingCamp Netimus for Girls has an established horseback riding program offering instruction in English hunt seat and dressage. Our goal is to encourage campers to become confident, knowledgeable horsewomen achieved through sound instruction. Our horses are carefully selected for their suitability for riders of all levels.

Riders are placed in a level based on their ability and skill. Riders may advance to the next level depending on the improvement of their skills. Our levels are:

Level 1: Perfect for campers who have never been on or around a horse! Riders will learn horse safety and how to lead, guide, and halt their horse. Campers will sit/post while developing balance and position.

Level 2: Learn how to post, introduction to trotting poles, trotting diagonals guiding through a trot.

Level 3: Maneuver small cross rails (not to exceed 1’6″) and learn basic dressage concepts.

Level 4: Learn proper transitioning between gaits, counting strides in the canter, and jumping a preliminary course (not to exceed 2′) as well as small combinations.

Level 5: Advanced dressage techniques such as canter, lead changes and turns on the forehand; learning how to jump different, more precise jumping combinations. Level 5’s become involved with drill team maneuvers.

Horse of Your Own: …or HOYO as we call it here at Netimus. This is an opportunity for girls to learn stable management and proper care of horses. Campers groom, bathe, braid, and feed, while also learning about breeds, colors, first aid and yearly health requirements. It’s the basis for a great relationship between a girl and her horse! This class is open to all campers, so if you simply want to be around the horses, but not ride, this is the class for you!

DRILL TEAM: Once a summer, riders from Levels 4 and 5 are selected to be a apart of Drill Team. These riders put on a drill team demonstration for the entire camp; complete with precision moves set to music.

Horse Shows: Once or twice a summer we compete in a real horse show with our brother camp, Camp Shohola for Boys.