Horseback Riding Camp

November 15, 2021

Has your daughter expressed an interest in going to a horseback riding camp for girls, but you’re still on the fence? As with anything involving your child, you want to do ample research before deciding. First, find out why horseback riding is a good sport for girls, what girls learn from horses, and all of the benefits of riding. Then, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about summer camp.

Kids Learn Responsibility at Horseback Riding Camp

First, children learn responsibility when attending a horseback riding camp for girls. Along with riding, campers find out how to care for horses. They even learn about stable management during camp.

While the lessons differ, they have something in common: the horse’s needs are primary. Thus, the kids must provide for those needs so the horses can thrive. This is quite a commitment, and the counselors hold the kids accountable. As a result, the girls walk away with an enhanced sense of responsibility.

Girls Learn Courage and Perseverance at Camp

Is your daughter a little timid and afraid to try new things? Maybe she’s quick to give up when things aren’t easy, and that prevents her from reaching her full potential. Fortunately, a horseback riding camp for girls is the remedy for these issues.

It takes a healthy amount of courage to mount and ride a horse. Plus, kids have to summon some additional courage when overcoming obstacles during the ride. Fortunately, girls are in a safe environment, so they can overcome their fears and persevere. Their counselors will encourage them and help them along so they can be successful.

This benefit stays with the kids well after they leave camp. In fact, you might find that your daughter is excited to try new things and overcome challenges when she arrives home after camp. That can help her during school and into adulthood.

Horseback Riding Camp Provides Excellent Exercise

Kids seem to spend more time on their devices than they do outside. Because of that, many children don’t get enough exercise. While most people don’t think of riding horses as good exercise, it actually is.

Girls have to use a variety of muscles to balance and ride the horse. They’ll also build strength and improve their stamina while lifting gear, managing the stable, and riding. Plus, they can improve their coordination through physical activity.

If you are trying to find a way to get your child off her device and into the great outdoors, it’s hard to beat a horseback riding camp. Your daughter will love riding the horse so much that she won’t even miss her phone – or realize she’s exercising.

Kids Learn Empathy at Horseback Riding Camp for Girls

It’s easy to be a bit self-centered when you’re a child. Kids can feel like they’re the center of their world, which can make connecting to others a challenge. Unfortunately, that can mean that the kids end up with superficial friendships and connections.

However, their priorities will change during camp. Humans and horses have a way of developing empathic connections.

Children communicate with horses on an emotional level, and that allows them to form strong bonds. Additionally, they realize they’re responsible for the horse, which strengthens the bond and relationship even more. As a result, they develop empathy for the horse.

Empathy is a fantastic life skill. Once children learn empathy and compassion, they are ready to form deep, meaningful relationships. Then, they’ll be on the right path to living fulfilling lives.

Riding Horses Improves Kids’ Cognitive Function

You want your child to excel today and in the future. Thus, you likely want to do everything possible to improve cognitive function. According to researchers, horseback riding provides cognitive benefits to children.

The researchers discovered that the vibrations during horseback riding activate the brain’s sympathetic nervous system. After running some tests, they realized that by activating this part of the brain, horseback riding improves problem-solving, learning, and memory. All of these skills can help your daughter academically and professionally when she leaves the nest.

Horseback riding’s cognitive benefits don’t end with vibrations, either. Kids learn quite a bit during horseback riding camp for girls. Taking in and processing the new information can also help improve cognitive function.

Girls Learn to Set Goals at Horseback Riding Camp

When your daughter goes to a Pennsylvania horseback riding camp, the equestrian staff will assess her riding skill level. Then, they’ll put her in the program based on her skills.

Girls want to reach the top tier at horseback riding camp since it provides a sense of accomplishment and allows them to learn new skills. Thus, they can set the goal to learn the skills at their level and continue to progress to the top. As they gain experience, they can reach their goals. Goal setting is an essential skill that will benefit your daughter today and well into the future.

Girls Make Lifelong Friends at Horseback Riding Camp

Your daughter probably doesn’t meet a ton of new people at home. She might have gone to school with the same kids year after year and has stuck with her friend group. As amazing as those friends are, your daughter can benefit from expanding her circle.

During horseback riding camp for girls, she’ll meet people from various backgrounds. As the days pass at camp, she’ll grow close to the girls through a shared love of horses. This will help her develop social skills and cultivate a diverse friend group. It can also help her come out of her shell if she is shy.

Reserve a Spot at Horseback Riding Camp for Girls in PA

Camp Netimus for Girls is located in Milford, PA, and has an outstanding equestrian program. We offer five levels of lessons, so your daughter can learn the basics up to advanced riding skills. Learn more about our horseback riding camp for girls or reserve a bunk by calling (570) 296-6131.