Best Girls Sleepaway Camp Pennsylvania

December 5, 2022

When you’re looking for the best girls sleepaway camp Pennsylvania, it’s important to consider what your daughter wants and needs from her camp experience. With so many different types of camps out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your child. 

The best sleepaway camp is the one that helps her explore her interests, make new friends, and learn new skills. It should also be a safe and welcoming environment where she can feel comfortable being herself. 

From traditional camps to specialty camps, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your daughter. Instead of Googling “girls sleepaway camp near me,” we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider to help you further narrow down your search. 


What to Look for in a Girl’s Sleepaway Camp

When it comes to choosing a girl’s sleepaway camp, there are a few key things to look for. First, you want to make sure the camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This means that the camp has been through an inspection process and meets standards for safety, programming, and staff training.

Next, you'll want to consider what type of experience you're looking for your daughter to have. Some camps focus on outdoor adventure, while others offer more traditional activities like horseback riding and arts & crafts. Specialty camps also cater to specific interests like science, sports, music, or dance.

Finally, you'll need to decide what kind of atmosphere you're hoping for. Some camps are very laid-back and relaxed. While others are more structured, regimental, and disciplined. There's no right or wrong answer here - it all depends on your daughter's personality and what she'll respond best to.

If you keep these things in mind, you're sure to find a girls’ sleepaway camp that's perfect for your family!


Tips for Choosing the Right Girls Sleepaway Camp

When it comes to choosing the right girls’ sleepaway camp, here are a few key things to keep in mind: 

  1. Accreditation – First and foremost, you want to make sure that the camp is accredited by the authorities. As mentioned earlier, this ensures that the camp meets rigorous safety and health standards.
  2. Location –You'll want to choose a camp that's situated in a beautiful setting that your daughter will love. Pennsylvania is home to many great camps, so take some time to explore your options.
  3. Activities – You'll want to consider the camp's program and what it has to offer your daughter. Make sure that the camp offers activities and experiences that she'll enjoy and that will help her grow as a person.
  4. Camp Type – Can your daughter participate in a day camp? Or is she more prepared to be independent and join an overnight camp? Depending on your daughter’s needs and preparedness to be on her own, it is important to include this in consideration. 
  5. Camp Genre – When choosing a sleepaway camp, it is important to consider the type of genre that the camp offers. This is because the overall experience of a teenage camper can be greatly affected by the type of genre. 

For example, if a teenage camper is looking for an academic experience, then a sleepaway camp that offers an academic program would be a better choice. On the other hand, if a teenage camper is looking for an athletic experience, then a sleepaway camp that offers an athletic program would be a better choice. 

Similarly, if a teenage camper is looking for an adventure experience, then a sleepaway camp that offers an adventure program would be a better choice. Lastly, if a teenage camper is looking for an artistic experience, then a sleepaway camp that offers an artistic program would be a better choice.


What to Expect at a Girl’s Sleepaway Camp

Assuming you've never been to a sleepaway camp before, there are a few things you can expect when attending one. Most importantly, you can expect to have a ton of fun! At Camp Netimus, activities and classes are available for everyone - whether you're an avid sports fan or prefer to spend time painting and crafting.

You'll also make friends from all over the state, bonded together by your shared love of camp. You'll meet girls who come from similar backgrounds to you and others who are completely different. But one thing that will unite you all is your passion for spending your summers at camp!

On top of making great friends and trying new things, you can also expect to develop important life skills while at camp. Things like teamwork, communication, and leadership will all be fostered in the supportive environment of the camp. So not only will you have an incredible time while at camp, but you'll also leave feeling prepared for anything life throws your way.


FAQs about Girls Sleepaway Camps

  1. What are the main differences between girls’ sleepaway camps and co-ed camps?

Camp Netimus offers an all-girls environment where your daughter can feel comfortable being herself and enjoying activities with other girls her age. Camp friendships at a girl’s sleepaway camp can last a lifetime! At co-ed camps, boys and girls are typically separated for activities and there is often less of an emphasis on friendship development.

  1. What are the benefits of sending my daughter to a sleepaway camp?

Sleepaway camp provides an opportunity for your daughter to gain independence, build confidence, and try new things in a safe and supportive environment. Research has shown that kids who go to sleepaway camps have higher self-esteem and are better able to cope with adversity than those who don’t attend camp.

  1. How will my daughter be supervised at camp?

Most girls’ sleepaway camps have a ratio of at least one counselor for every eight campers. Counselors are carefully selected and trained to support and guide campers while respecting their independence. In addition, most camps have 24-hour security staff onsite to ensure the safety of all campers and staff.

  1. What if my daughter gets homesick at camp?

It’s normal for kids to miss home when they’re away at camp, but most adjust after a few days and have a great time! If your daughter does start


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