Sleepaway Camp New Jersey

girls sleepaway camp new jersey

Are you ready to secure your daughter’s spot in the best girls sleepaway camp near New Jersey? At our sleep away camp your camper will: ✓ Make new friends ✓ Try new things ✓ Step out of their comfort zone What They Say About Us “My daughter went to camp there and now her daughter has completed 3 years there. It is a wonderful place for girls.” — Sally Law “Everyone knows how much I love Camp Netimus for my girls. A classic cabins-in-the-woods, girl-power, outdoorsy experience. My girls beg to go back year after year. The setting is beautiful … Read more

Residential Camp Pennsylvania

residential camp pennsylvania

Are you interested in sending your child(ren) to a residential camp for summer 2018? Look no further than Camp Netimus right here in Pennsylvania! We encourage our future families to get familiar with us: ✓ Contact us for our brochure and DVD ✓ Schedule a tour of Camp Netimus ✓ Attend our Family Orientation Weekend 3 Benefits of a Residential Camp 1. Foster independence. Residential camp is an ideal place for kids to learn independent living and self-responsibility. 2. Venture out. Here at Camp Netimus we offer actives including (but not limited to): hiking trips, mountain biking, and high and low ropes course. 3. … Read more

Best Girls Summer Camp Pennsylvania

From topics of culture and language, to athletics like land sports, there is lots of opportunity for adventure at Camp Netimus, the best girls summer camp in Pennsylvania! Best Girls Summer Camp Pennsylvania We provide our campers with a wide array of activities to choose from! This allows for them to explore and strengthen interests and skills without pressure. Some of our activities include: Some of the activities we offer include: Equestrian  Performing Arts Water Sports Outdoor Adventure Fine Arts & Crafts Land sports are some of the most popular activities we offer at the best girls camp in Pennsylvania! Land Sports! Archery … Read more

Overnight Summer Camp for Girls in PA

girls camp pennsylvania

Is your daughter(s) ready for an overnight summer camp for girls? Kids are usually nine or 10 when they go away to camp for the first time, therefore we at Camp Netimus in PA encourage parents to have a good discussion with their daughter(s), and ask if they think they’re ready, before sending them off to camp. 3 Ways to Prepare Your Daughter(s) for an Overnight Summer Camp for Girls Overnight campers should be: Comfortable staying overnight at a friend’s house Able to dress themselves in the morning, and Sending a kid with a classmate or younger/older sibling can help … Read more

Best Girls Summer Camp near New York

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Did summer come way to fast for you and you still haven’t had the chance to look into summer camps for your daughter(s)? Look no further than Camp Netimus, the leading girls summer camp near New York! Here at Camp Netimus, we offer six different session dates! 2017 Dates & Rates at Our Girls Summer Camp Season Session Sun., Jun. 25, 2017 – Sat., Aug. 12, 2017 Tuition: $8,200 5 Week Session Sun., Jul. 9, 2017 – Sat., Aug. 12, 2017 Tuition: $6,700 4 Week Session Sun., Jun. 25, 2017 – Sat., Jul. 22, 2017 Tuition: $5,550 3 Week Session … Read more

All Girls Sleepaway Camp in the Northeast

girls sleepaway camp northeast

Offering programs that emphasize healthy living, care for the environment, and responsibility, girls at Camp Netimus in the Northeast are free to test themselves, express themselves, and simply be themselves! Furthermore, many of our girls come back year after year to spend summer with the camp family that they’ve created over the years here at our all girls sleepaway camp. 3 Benefits of Our Green Program Organic gardening allows campers to learn how to raise and prepare their own vegetables; a lesson that can be practiced at home. Small farm animal care teaches campers more about animal care including (but not limited to): feeding, keeping small animals healthy, and … Read more

Girls Summer Camp in the Northeast

girls summer camp northeast

It’s that time again, and parents looking for a sleepaway camp for their girl(s) should look no further than Camp Netimus; the best girls summer camp in the Northeast! 5 Activities Offered at Our Girls Summer Camp Equestrian Fine Arts & Crafts Preforming Arts Land Sports Water Sports Camp Netimus has one of the most complete programs in the Northeast! With a well-rounded set of activities, your daughter(s) will experience fun-filled days of excitement and learning. Whether it’s through water/land sports, the arts, or our equestrian program, Camp Netimus girls are tested and encouraged to express themselves! For more information, or to visit our camp site, contact … Read more

Girls Sleepaway Camp in the Northeast

This time of year it’s important to secure your child’s spot in the best girls sleepaway summer camp that’s driving distance away from your home in the Northeast. At Camp Netimus, our girls sleepaway camp in the Northeast, is one of the most complete programs in camping. We offer loads of activities to satisfy the interests of a variety of campers. Camp Netimus is close to all of the states in the Northeast, even including ones further away such as the states in the New England area.  Many of our girls come back year after year, not only because they want to have fun at camp, but also because they want to spend … Read more

Girls Summer Camp in the Northeast

If you’re a parent looking for the best girls summer camp in the Northeast, check out Camp Netimus. Campers who spend the summer at Camp Netimus, the best girls summer camp in the Northeast, experience a fun-filled day of excitement and learning. Camp Netimus has one of the most complete programs in camping, with a well-rounded set of activities from equestrian to water sports to performing arts to arts and crafts. Your daughter will receive personal attention from our counselors, better supervision during activities, and everyone in camp will know her by name, on a personal level. Camp Netimus has one of the best supervision ratios in the camping industry with a 2.5:1 camper to counselor ratio. Camp Netimus in the Northeast, is … Read more

Girls Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

Camp Netimus is a sleepaway summer camp in Milford, Pennsylvania for girls with a mission to give all of our campers their most exciting summer yet. Camp Netimus offers our campers a huge variety of activities; everything from water sports, to equestrian, to performing arts, to arts and crafts, as well as land sports and trips! Here at Camp Netimus, our girls sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania, we embrace an environment of diversity and pay individual attention to each one of our campers from a variety of cultures, races, and religions. All are welcome and all are accepted into our camp family from the … Read more