What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp?

March 15, 2021

You want your daughter to enjoy the sleepaway camp experience, but you aren’t sure if she’s old enough. That’s caused you to wonder, “What is the best age for sleepaway camp?” Most kids are ready for sleepaway camp by the time they turn 7 years old, and they continue to enjoy it through the age of 16. Learn more so you’ll know if your daughter is ready for sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania.

What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp? It Depends on the Child

When asking, “What is the best age for sleepaway camp,” think about your daughter’s development. While first-time campers are normally between the ages of 7-9, you need to analyze your daughter’s maturity level to see if she’s ready. By this age, your daughter has likely spent the night away from home before. Think about how she handled it. Was she too homesick to make it through the night? If so, she’s not quite ready yet. However, if she stayed all night and had fun, she’s likely ready for the next step by going to overnight camp. That’s true, even if she had some separation anxiety at first. That’s normal, but as long as she managed to get through it, she’s ready for camp.

What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp? Consider the Counselor-to-camper Ratio 

You also need to think about the counselor-to-camper ratio when deciding if your daughter is old enough for the experience. The lower the ratio, the better the experience will be for your young child. You want your child to get one-on-one attention, so this is critical when searching for a “sleepaway camp near me.”

Reserve a Spot at a Sleepaway Camp Near Me

Now that you know the answer to “What is the best age for sleepaway camp,” it’s time to take the next step and find the right place. Campers from 7-16 years old love Camp Netimus for Girls in Milford, PA. The overnight summer camp has a counselor-to-camper ratio of almost two-to-one, so your daughter will get plenty of personalized attention. The camp is also full of fun activities she’ll love. Call (570) 296-6131 to reserve a spot for your daughter today.