Camp Netimus, a Summer Camp for Girls was founded as an all-girls residential camp in 1930.

If you want to send your daughters to a traditional summer camp in PA, then you should seriously consider Camp Netimus. It is full of different activities your daughters are sure to love, plus it will allow them to spend time with like-minded girls in their age range. To give your daughters the memories that only a traditional summer camp in Pennsylvania could provide, reach out to Camp Netimus today.

What Girls Can Do at This Traditional Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

Each camper at Camp Netimus can choose what she does during her stay. The days are set up in a way that lets girls pick what is fun to them. This may include many options, such as:

  • Performing arts, like singing and gymnastics
  • Water sports, like learning to swim or water ski
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Crafts, like beadwork and paper mâché
  • Fine arts, like ceramics and photography
  • Day sports, like archery and tennis

This Summer Camp for Girls Lets Girls Bond

With so many activities to do, this girls camp gives young ladies the chance to make lasting memories. Girls can bond over activities they already know they love, or they can explore something new together. This way, they both learn the ins and outs at the same time. Plus, the girls also have the option of writing or texting the friends they make after they go home.

They Do Things Differently at Camp Netimus

While some traditional summer camps only have boating, campfires, and ghost stories, you will find more than that at Camp Netimus. Allow your daughters the fun of growing organic produce, taking care of animals, learning how to cook, and even taking dance classes. If you want to give your daughters a much wider range of options, then this is the summer camp to choose.

If you want to see for yourself how Camp Netimus is a traditional summer camp in PA, contact Darlene Calton at 570-296-6131 or