Traditional Summer Camp for Girls

May 6, 2020

Traditional summer camp is a longstanding tradition for many kids throughout the country. Parents love to get their daughters off their electronics and off to a camp where they will learn valuable life skills. A traditional summer camp for girls creates an environment that highlights character development and creates a sense of shared community.

Character Development

As girls grow up, they need opportunities where they can develop relationships with others. Relationships with supportive adults teach girls how to communicate and navigate how to interact with adults other than their parents. Also, having relationships with peers away from home and with different backgrounds is useful. These relationships teach girls to consider the perspective of others, and it helps girls learn empathy.

As girls realize who they are in relation to the world around them, they become better equipped to meet challenges. A traditional summer camp for girls helps by creating a supportive space to learn how to navigate the world creatively and successfully.

Sense of Community

An overnight summer camp for girls, such as Camp Netimus, helps campers learn how to work together in a group. Camp Netimus is a residential camp, and campers learn to live and cooperate with one another. Skills such as teamwork, leadership, and listening will serve girls throughout their lives.

Why Camp Netimus Is a Great Choice for Your Daughter

Camp Netimus is a traditional summer camp for girls located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. We have 90 years of experience providing enriching camp experiences for girls. Some of our outdoor activities include boating, hiking, and sailing. Also, we provide opportunities to learn photography, get involved with crafts, and even practice performing arts.

At Camp Netimus, we strive to create a loving environment to support girls on their journey to adulthood. We work hard to ensure they grow as individuals and build longlasting relationships.

Reserve a Spot at a Traditional Summer Camp for Girls

Now that you found a traditional summer camp for girls, it is time to reserve a spot at Camp Netimus. Your daughter is certain to have the time of her life, so don’t delay! Enroll your daughter by contacting Darlene Calton at 570-296-6131 or