Camp Netimus, a Summer Camp for Girls was founded as an all-girls residential camp in 1930.

Olivia Dale is excited to share that her high school field hockey team won their division. She also just started her practices for the national field hockey festival. She will be in Wellington, Florida for the festival over Thanksgiving for that event.

From Lea Bai we hear that she has been telling her friends all about camp and they want to join us next summer! During a five day class trip Lea climbed the Tai Shan, which was exhausting but a great experience. She will be trick-or-treating with her friends for Halloween. Lea misses camp very much, including the cheers, Green & White (go Green!), her beloved Cabin 13, the food, and so much more!

Julia Baran became a Bat Mitzvah on October 7th. Some camp friends were able to celebrate with her and her family and it was a very special weekend.

Torii Cason sent us a photo of her in her cheer uniform. Torii is a Wallington Jr Panthers Cheerleader

Lulu Ruch has been busy since camp! Her cast is gone – hooray!!! She started 5th grade, visited Talluluah Falls in South Carolina with her family, saw the eclipse, and joined the 5th grade at Grandparent's Day at College Garden's Elementary in Rockville, MD.

Bailey Lake writes that she welcomed a gerbil into our family. His name is Gary. She continued another season of lacrosse this fall, and she'll be a pirate for Halloween. Bailey is loving 5th Grade!

Quianna Stewart- Burns started a new school, and is adjusting very well. She also moved into a new apartment and is enjoying her new room. Q welcomed her baby brother into the world early as well as a new baby cousin.

Lavinia and Susannah van Dijk’s update is: Lavinia is home from Miss Porter's for the weekend. The sisters were happy to be reunited, at least for the first 24hrs. Then they became normal sisters again! We went to Blue Man Group for Susannah's 11th birthday celebration. A good time was had by all! Lavinia is at Miss Porter's this year and she loves it. She gets to ride for sports and is extra happy about that! We bumped into Megan Keating and her parents at Family Weekend! Susannah continues in the middle school of her school and is having a good year.

Becca Friedman had a great family vacation to Canada after camp. Now she is enjoying school and playing fall baseball. She hung out with Leandra Esner one day which was awesome. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Casey Concannon (Cabin 6) is in 7th grade. Her favorite subjects in school are French and Art. She plays piano and viola and is enjoying being a member of Celebration Singers, a youth chorus that performs at various events around New Jersey. She wore a Steampunk costume for Halloween.