Teen Adventure Summer Camps for Girls

April 13, 2020

Teen adventure summer camps for girls offer a ton of new learning opportunities. Also, adventure camps are exciting and challenging at the same time, which is empowering for girls. As girls grow into themselves and their abilities, they develop fundamental skills that carry beyond summer camp.

Importance of Exposure to New Things

Camp Netimus has tons of adventurous activities for girls. Campers will never have a dull moment with diversions such as outdoor cooking, biking, camping, and rope courses, just to name a few. Teen girls need exposure to new activities. This exposure allows them to find out what they like and where they excel. Also, this exposure gives them opportunities to play outside, and outside activities are known to boost the skills girls need to be successful. For instance, learning new skills teaches girls to plan, negotiate, and solve problems on their own and in a group.

If girls face the same summer activities year after year, stepping out of their comfort zone becomes too foreign of an idea. However, if girls regularly challenge themselves and face obstacles or uncomfortable fears, they become good at understanding that awkward feeling is fleeting. Girls learn to push through those fears because they are assured of their success and not afraid of failure. Camp Netimus helps girls see the depths of their capability.

Independence and Self Esteem

The staff members at Camp Netimus dedicate themselves to challenging girls to be their best selves by giving them access to a wide variety of activities. There is a relationship between adventurous activities and self-esteem because as girls expand their interests and abilities, they become resilient. This sense of resiliency impacts girls’ sense of independence, and their self-esteem grows. The best part is this sense of confidence never changes; the girls carry it through their lives.

Reserve a Spot at a Teen Adventure Summer Camp for Girls

Now that you found a teen adventure summer camp for girls, it is time to reserve a spot at Camp Netimus. Your daughter is certain to have the time of her life, so don’t delay! Enroll your daughter in an adventure summer camp by contacting Darlene Calton at 570-296-6131 or darlene@netimus.com.