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Camp Netimus, a Summer Camp for Girls was founded as an all-girls residential camp in 1930.

Teen Adventure Summer Camps for Girls

Teen adventure summer camps for girls offer a ton of new learning opportunities. Also, adventure camps are exciting and challenging at the same time, which is empowering for girls. As girls grow into themselves and their abilities, they develop fundamental skills that carry beyond summer camp. Importance of Exposure to New Things Camp Netimus has […]

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Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever Before

Sleepaway summer camp is a great experience. Fill summer months with a world of adventure waiting to be discovered! At Camp Netimus our campers get to take part in a summertime tradition which has been around since 1930. Our basis of operation circulates the simple, but powerful idea of having fun. Summer camp is more […]

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4 Reasons Camp Netimus Is the Best Camp for Girls

When you are looking for a summer camp for your daughter, you may hear great things about Camp Netimus. But what are the reasons Camp Netimus is the best camp for girls? Generations have had many reasons why Camp Netimus is the best camp for girls. Established in 1930, the camp has provided girls with […]

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Girls Summer Camp in Milford PA

If you are looking for an a girls summer camp in Pennsylvania for your daughter to this summer then look no further than Camp Netimus. A well trusted camp with caring and enthusiastic staff, located in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania in Milford, PA! At Camp Netimus, one of the top sleepaway camps for girls in Pennsylvania, there are […]

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Girls Overnight Summer Camp near NY

As a parent you face many questions and concerns when considering a summer camp for your daughter(s), one being: Day camp or sleepaway camp? If you choose sleepaway camp, you'll find that the all girls overnight summer camp program at Camp Netimus is the #1 choice near NY! 5 Reasons Parents Choose an All Girls […]

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Best Girls Summer Camp Pennsylvania

From topics of culture and language, to athletics like land sports, there is lots of opportunity for adventure at Camp Netimus, the best girls summer camp in Pennsylvania! Best Girls Summer Camp Pennsylvania We provide our campers with a wide array of activities to choose from! This allows for them to explore and strengthen interests and skills without […]

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