Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever Before

July 31, 2019

Sleepaway summer camp is a great experience. Fill summer months with a world of adventure waiting to be discovered! At Camp Netimus our campers get to take part in a summertime tradition which has been around since 1930. Our basis of operation circulates the simple, but powerful idea of having fun. Summer camp is more important than ever before. By focusing on many different areas of interest, our campers are able to express themselves in a way that only Camp Netimus can bring. Building life experience, providing a rewarding experience through positivity, friendships, and memories that last a lifetime are what we base our success on. When everyone has nothing short of a great time, only then are we successful. Explore a typical day at Camp Netimus.

The Green Department:

Girls can explore organic gardening through our green program, as well as many other healthy habits. Campers grow their own vegetables in a real greenhouse! These skills translate into the ability to grow veggies anywhere and definitely promote the idea behind the value of a healthy diet, as well as the importance of agriculture, and sustainable food. Here, we also provide knowledge of how to safely prepare food, and our campers can take home fun recipes to share with family and friends! Aside from growing and cooking food; when campers take part in The Green Department they are given the opportunity to care for some cute animals. They learn the importance of keeping animals happy and healthy, as well as have some fun getting to know the uniqueness of different species.

Adventure and Discovery:

Girls who take part in Adventure and Discovery can experience the excitement of mountain biking! With courses that vary by skill level, even the most novice bikers can hone their skills, and discover personal growth. By getting active, this is surely a proven reason why summer camp is more important than ever before. Instead of taking it easy this summer, sharpen decision-making skills, reflexes, and promote healthful practices. Fun games, trips, and skill-building exercises are part of this program. Camp Netimus Adventure and Discovery program also encourages camping and hiking. This broadens horizons and gives way to natural discoveries that spark curiosity. Studying nature, tracking different animals, reading the weather, planning trips, reading maps, and astronomy are covered in this program. There is also a rope obstacle course for those who truly seek adventure! Self-esteem, team building, and trust are all areas that this program addresses

Other Fun Activities:

We have various other programs which are all reasons why summer camp is more important than ever. Campers can take part in different swimming levels, and become more skilled in aquatics. Water skiing, banana boating, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and more adventures await! We also have arts and crafts like no other camp. We aren’t talking macaroni sculptures. We have classes in ceramics, fabric painting, photography, woodshop, stained glass, and even jewelry. Learn lifelong skills, and practice diversity in different hobbies. There is no better time than right now to discover the benefits of Camp Netimus. That’s why summer camp is more important than ever before!