Camp Netimus is a unique, girls-only sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania

One of many things to consider when selecting a summer camp for your daughter(s) is whether to send them to a single-gender or co-ed camp. Here at Camp Netimus in PA, we believe that there are many benefits of a single-gender camp like our sleep away camp for girls. We encourage you to send your daughter(s) to Camp Netimus for a unique and rewarding experience that focuses on sisterhood.

3 Benefits of a Single-Gender Sleep Away Camp for Girls

  1. Appearance. At single-gender camps you’ll find little to no emphasis on appearances, allowing girls a greater freedom to be themselves
  2. Behavior. Schools are already co-ed. A sleep away camp for girls puts girls in an environment without self-consciousness or the distraction of boys
  3. Confidence. Offering girls the opportunity to learn to address who they are and what they want to be, single-gender camps have confidence-boosting powers.

Remember, camp starts in just 3 days! If you are looking for the ultimate sleep away camp for girls to send your daughter(s) to, choose Camp Netimus in PA! Contact us at today.

Camp Netimus is one of the leading sleepaway camps for girls in the Country. If you’re looking for a summer camp for girls that highlights activities like: horseback riding, dance, gymnastics, water skiing, and/or musical theatre in the Northeast area: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, contact Camp Netimus at: 1.866.NETIMUS (toll free) or 570.296.6131