Premier Sleepaway Camp in PA

November 12, 2019

Are you looking for a premier sleepaway camp in PA? Look no further than Camp Netimus for Girls. As a top Pennsylvania summer camp, your daughter will have the summer of her life when she stays here. Find out what makes Camp Netimus for Girls so special.

Set Your Schedule at the Premier Sleepaway Camp in PA

When you went to summer camp as a kid, you probably had to follow a very rigid schedule. You might have selected one activity or two, but most of your day was preplanned. Because of that, you weren’t able to explore and develop your interests. Fortunately, your daughter will have a much different experience at the premium sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania.

Campers pick their activities and set their schedules. From horseback riding to water and land sports, your daughter will pick from an assortment of activities and enjoy them each day. That makes camp extremely exciting.

Time With Friends

The premier sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania also offers lots of bonding time with new friends. Rest hours and cabin activities are available each day. It’s like a huge slumber party with new friends. Your daughter will spend her evenings laughing, sharing secrets, and forming bonds that will last for a lifetime.

Gain Self-Esteem and Independence

The top sleepaway camp also helps girls gain self-esteem and independence. It’s normal for girls to feel a bit homesick when leaving home for the first time. While some camps leave campers to fend for themselves, Camp Netimus for Girls staffs the camp with highly trained counselors. These counselors help campers work through the emotions and become stronger along the way.

Enroll Your Daughter in the Premier Sleepaway Camp in PA

Your daughter will have a summer to remember at Camp Netimus for Girls. She can set her schedule and will have lots of time with friends. Also, our counselors will help her discover her self-esteem and independence. Enroll your daughter in our Milford, PA, summer camp by calling (570) 296-6131.