Our programs are extensive, vigorous and intensive. The goal is to prepare these young ladies to be top notch counselors and leaders, so that the Netimus traditions of positive nurturing and encouragement of our campers continues in the safe, wholesome environment we provide. We are proud of our campers who have succeeded in these programs. They are wonderful young people who have become counselors and role models. The leadership training received at Netimus has helped them succeed in many aspects of their lives, both in and out of camp and is a standout addition to their resumes. We'd be happy to answer any questions.

Eligibility is as follows:
For all programs, at least one prior Camp Netimus experience and enrollment for at least 3 weeks of a summer is required. If your daughter is 14 years or older and/or finished 8th grade, she is eligible to join our senior program.

Notes For Seniors

Major-Minors, Working Senior and JCIT applications and information will be sent in the spring. Campers, please read the information and share it with your parents. It is important that they know and are involved with the excellent training you are receiving at Netimus. CIT candidates will receive information regarding their eligibility for a staff position.

These training programs are geared to developing your leadership potential by using techniques that will help you become a better counselor. We will encourage you to become aware of skills that are beneficial in all aspects of your life. We are available to help you describe your experience as a "youth development professional", aka counselor, for your college applications and resumes. You will have completed a four-year leadership training program before graduating from high school - pretty impressive for a resume!

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