Overnight Camp In PA

September 12, 2018

Why Is Camp 7 Weeks Long?

We offer various summer camp programs from 2 weeks up to a full 7 weeks for parents and children to choose from. Whether your child is a returning camper or a first-timer, we have a program that will be the perfect length for them to enjoy. At Camp Netimus, we understand that kids may need some time to adjust, so they may be homesick the first week but by the time camp is over they will not want to leave all of their new friends and fun daily schedule.

What If My Child Gets Homesick At Overnight Camp?

It is normal for campers to begin missing home, especially if they have never been away before. However, this may help them to develop a feeling of self-esteem and independence, which is apart of their camp experience. Luckily, Camp Netimus is a safe place for campers to experience these emotions. Our counselors are highly trained and many understand the feeling as they were once homesick campers themselves.

Why Is Overnight Camp Important For Children?

Overnight camp can be a memorable experience for children of all ages. The experience will leave a lasting impression on your child so choosing the right camp is important. We understand that parents want to choose a sleepaway camp that shares the same family values and offers a safe learning experience encouraging growth and friendship. Our number one priority is making sure our children have fun. Hopefully, Camp Netimus will become a “home away from home” for many summers to come.

Does An Overnight Camp In PA Have Sports And Competition?

overnight camp in paYes. Camp Netimus is a Pike County Athletic Association member and participates in voluntary sports tournaments with nearby camps. One of our goals at Camp Netimus is to offer a variety of activities that your child will be sure to love. In addition to fun and games, we do hold inner-camp competitions and tournaments in sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey.

Finding An Overnight Camp In PA

Our team at Camp Netimus are experts in sleepaway camp. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding girls summer camp or overnight camp in PA, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New England, and Maryland. Contact us today to find out more information or schedule a free tour. Call now 1-866-NETIMUS.