What dates/times are available for rental of the camp property?

Between April 15 to June 10 and again between August 18 and October 30 of each year. The camp is available for "winter" retreats as well (Oct. 30 to April 15) but water and toilets through out the camp are not available. (Porta potties can be rented and some bathrooms can be made available.) We have hosted Boy Scouts and other small groups in the off-season..

Does the camp rent to more than one group at a time?

Unlike some retreat centers, the camp tries to provide exclusive use of the camp to only one group at a time. In case of small numbers of participants, the camp may wish to "double up" on group rentals but this is rare and is only done with the permission of both groups.

What size groups can the camp accommodate?

The camp can accommodate groups from 20 to 200 participants. We assign the less "rustic" sleeping areas first and then utilize the "camper" sleeping areas as needed. The number of people that can be housed depends on the group and the manner in which housing is requested. We will work with smaller groups at the outset, with the hope of expanding the number of participants as the event "catches on" in subsequent years.

Who does the cooking and food service?

The group has the choice of doing the food service themselves including purchasing their own food, or camp providing the food and preparing it and serving it to the group. We can also do a "hybrid" of this with the camp providing and preparing the food and the group serving and cleaning...in order to keep the costs down for the group.

How are the rates determined?

We have two rates depending on who does the food service. Rates are generally per night and not per meal. Rates are also based on the number of participants; the more people, the more reasonable the per person rate. Call for rates.

What is provided for these rates?

The camp provides the food service (if requested), the facilities, the cleaning and maintenance and housekeeping, and training in use of kitchen/dish room and other facilities as needed. The basic rate does not include program personnel or activity leaders.

Who provides the programming and the activities?

The camp provides whatever facilities and equipment the group needs, but generally the group creates their own schedule and provides their own people for program. The camp can provide some activities and program personnel: lifeguards, arts and crafts, ropes course leaders, but this must be determined in advance and involves additional charges.

When is the best time to plan an event?

The Poconos are generally quite lovely in late May and early June and again in the entire month of September and most of October (the height off all leaf colors is generally mid October in Milford, PA)

Who do I contact to check on availability and explore possibilities?

Call us at 1-570-994-4362 or e-mail: kcarr967@gmail.com