Girls’ Summer Camp Near MD

October 15, 2019

You don’t want your daughter to spend another lazy summer at home, lounging on the sofa and staring at her phone. No, you want her to get out and do something. Have you considered a girls’ summer camp near MD? Your daughter will be happy to turn off Netflix if you let her go to an exciting summer camp.

Are you new to the world of summer camps? Find out what you can expect at Camp Netimus for Girls.

Lots of Fun Activities at a Girls’ Summer Camp near MD

Have you ever been on a cruise? You know how the ship fills each day with fun activities, so you can always find something to do? A girls’ summer camp near Maryland is the same way. Your daughter can spend her day horseback riding, hitting the target with a bow and arrow, engaging in the performance arts, or hitting the water. Oh, and she can even join the “Green Department” to learn about healthy living and the environment or take on an outdoor adventure such as mountain biking and the low ropes course. There are too many activities to list. Rest assured, your daughter will stay active at Camp Netimus for Girls.

Boost Confidence

Let’s be honest. Being a girl between the ages of 7-16 isn’t always easy. Many girls lack confidence and become afraid to step outside of their comfort zones. They can get that confidence back at a girls’ summer camp near MD. Girls get to try new things with the friends they make at camp. They quickly learn that they are more powerful than they ever realized.

Reserve a Spot at Our Girls’ Summer Camp near MD

Help your daughter have a fun summer while building confidence. All you need to do is book a spot at Camp Netimus for Girls. We will do the rest. We are located in Milford, PA, which is just a short drive from Maryland. Contact Camp Netimus by calling (570) 296-6131 to grab a spot.