Girls Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania | Camp Netimus

December 14, 2016

Are you looking for an a Girls Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania to send your daughter to this summer? Look no further than Camp Netimus, the sister camp to Camp Shohola (an all boys camp for your son) located in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania in Milford, PA! At Camp Netimus, one of the top Girls Sleepaway Camps in Pennsylvania, there are endless activities and programs for your daughter to partake in, while having more fun at camp than she has ever had before. Our girls sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania is the perfect place for your daughter to face her fears, meet new people and try new things. Camp Netimus in Pennsylvania is the picture perfect camp to send your daughter to this upcoming summer!

Girls Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania

Sleepaway Camp at Camp Netimus is a place where girls experience a summer without cell phones, tv sets, and computers.  Camp Netimus is where girls spend time with new and old friends, enjoy new experiences and have counselors who are passionate about Camp Netimus and Girls Sleepaway Camp.

Contact us at our Toll Free Number: 1-866-NETIMUS or call us at 570-296-6131 if you cannot get through! OR email us at