Camp Netimus, a Summer Camp for Girls was founded as an all-girls residential camp in 1930.

The situation is still ever-changing, and the following plan may be adjusted as we move closer to June. 

COVID-19 Protocol 2021

 Prior to Camp (May)

  • Complete Camper Health History Addendum and return to camp office (
    • Include a copy of COVID-19 vaccination card if your daughter is fully vaccinated.
  • Complete Minor Release form for North Shore Clinical to perform onsite testing – due June 1st.

 Prior to Camp (June & July)

  • A negative PCR test is required within the five-day period leading up to camp. Send test results to
  • Quarantine once tested.
  • Monitor daughter’s symptoms. Please, under no circumstances, send your daughter to camp with symptoms.
  • Every camper should come with AT LEAST seven (7) cloth washable masks.
  • Please review recommended sneeze, cough, and handwashing techniques with daughter.
  • When packing, keep medications and items for camper envelope (trunk keys, spare eyeglasses, cell phone) separated and out of the trunk. Medications should be in a clear plastic zip top bag. Medications and camper envelope items will be collected upon arrival at camp. (It is likely that your daughter will have nothing for her camper envelope – this is okay!)
  • Have a “carry on” bag to collect loose and individual items for the trip to camp. This will keep your daughter’s belongings together when transporting her luggage to the cabin.
  • Be sure to pack your daughter’s bedding into a duffle. This will be delivered to the cabin first and will enable your daughter to start settling in until her trunk arrives at the cabin.

 Arrival - Car

  • Gates open at 9:30 AM
  • At Playhouse:
    • Meet a Director
    • Rapid and PCR test by North Shore Clinical
    • Nurse checks in paperwork; once done, cars move up to Lodge, if the line allows.
  • At Lodge:
    • Wait for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes are completed and rapid test result is negative:
    • Receive Cabin assignment
    • Give any medications to the nurse.
    • Give camper envelope items to office staff – trunk keys, spare glasses, etc. (It is likely that your camper will have nothing to put in the envelope – this is okay!)
    • Unload luggage (1-B4/JC @ field by HCC; 5 -10 at driveway; 11-15 on terrace)
    • Collect bagged lunch at the Lodge.
    • Parents say goodbye to camper – camper goes to HCC for lice check.
    • Campers – after lice check, stay with cabin & counselors at luggage area until cabin is complete.
    • Counselors – stay at luggage area to meet parents until cabin is complete (car arrivals).
  • IF camper tests positive, she must depart from camp. She may rejoin the camp community once she is medically cleared.
  • We are going to dramatically limit the number of people coming on camp property, so we will only offer tours to families that have never seen camp before. Tours will be exclusively outdoors. Please stop and use the bathroom on the road just before you get to camp to avoid the need to go inside any buildings while you are at camp. Tours will be brief, and we will ask parents to vacate the property quickly, simply to reduce contact between the camp staff and the public.
  • Please arrive on the early side and no later than 1:00 PM.
  • There will be a public bathroom for use, but we ask that people please try to make other arrangements.


Arrival - Bus

  • Campers arriving by bus will need to wear a mask for the trip to camp.
  • Temperature and symptom checks will be done before campers board the bus.

Arrival – Plane

  • Campers arriving by plane will need to wear a mask on the van ride to camp.
  • Upon arrival at camp, campers will be checked in by a nurse and then quarantined for the night.
  • Campers will be tested the following day by North Shore Clinical Lab.



BUS – If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival at camp, the camper will be quarantined, and her parents will be contacted to make arrangements for pick up.

PLANE – If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival at camp, the camper will be quarantined, and the family will be contacted to discuss options.


Daily (Arrival Day to Day 5 of each session)

  • Take temperatures of everyone in camp 2-3 times a day at Flag
  • All temperatures are to be recorded and given to OD.
  • Cabins divided into pods for the first 24 hours, until PCR test results are returned.
  • The entire camp community must mask indoors and maintain social distancing when possible.
  • Campers may unmask when in their own cabin with their cabinmates.
  • Where possible, activities will be done outdoors. If not possible, masking and social distancing will be practiced.
  • Every department will develop specific protocols for cleaning each activity area during camp.
  • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned during camp and cabin clean-ups.
  • Every cabin will keep screened windows open for ventilation.
  • The CDC, ACA, and PA Department of Health guidelines will be applied specifically to our environment and procedures by people who know our environment and procedures best.
  • Field trips out of camp will be reduced to day trips that do not require interaction with the public and are outdoors, such as canoeing, banana boating, and mountain biking.
  • On Day 5, all campers will be re-tested (PCR). When all tests are returned negative, masking and social distancing restrictions will be lifted.

Dining Hall

  • The Dining Hall is equipped with ventilation exhaust vans, which draw air out of the building.
  • For the first five days of each session, the camp community will eat outside and/or be divided so that half of the camp is eating outside, and the other half is indoors.


If someone becomes sick

  • If a camper begins to display symptoms, this camper and their cabinmates, will be quarantined, tested, and monitored until test results are returned. Families will be notified.
  • If test results come back positive, the infected camper will be sent home. Cabinmates will remain isolated according to CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines.
  • If test results come back negative, the camper and their cabinmates will be able to return to the general camp population.


Daily (once camp is confirmed negative.)

  • On Day 5, all campers will be re-tested (PCR).
  • Take temps of everyone in camp 2-3 times a day at Flag
  • All temps are to be recorded and given to OD.
  • Campers participate in camp as normal, without masking, social distancing, or pods.


Campers Staying Longer than Two Weeks.

Campers staying longer than two-weeks can expect to repeat the masking, social distancing, and pods protocol with the arrival of new campers.


If your camper tests positive for COVID-19 before arriving at camp, you have the option of rolling over the tuition to a session later in the summer (if possible), or requesting a refund of paid tuition, less the $1000 deposit. If a later session is not available due to the timeframe, tuition may be rolled over to 2022.

If your camper must leave camp during a session because she has tested positive for COVID-19, you have the option of rolling over the remaining tuition to a session later in the summer (if possible) or requesting a refund of the remaining tuition paid, less the $1000 deposit.


Staff Arrival

  • Staff will arrive 10-15 days prior to campers.
  • If unvaccinated, they will follow the same protocol as campers (quarantine, testing, social distancing, masking, etc.).
  • If vaccinated, they will be required to mask while indoors and maintain social distancing until test results have been returned.


*This protocol is subject to change.