Arts & Crafts

Instruction is provided for the beginner and the more advanced artist.

Arts & Crafts - this includes a wide range of activities such as painting and drawing, sewing, stitching, beadwork, cutting, paper-mâché, and tie-dying.

Ceramics - We use air-dry clay which can then be painted. Campers can make pinch pots, bowls, coil pots, sculptures, etc., by hand or by using the potter’s wheel.

Silk Screening - Open to campers ages 11 and older. They can create their own designs which are then transferred onto paper, fabric, etc., using the appropriate water-based ink.

Jewelry - Campers learn the basic techniques for making jewelry using beadwork, string, brass, and copper wire.

Photography - Open to campers aged 11 and older, photography focuses on taking quality pictures of the natural environment. Black and white film is used, and the campers learn the developing and printing processes. Campers will also learn digital photography and some digital-only classes are available to campers under 11 years old. All cameras provided.

Stained Glass - Open to campers ages 11 and older, campers learn soldering techniques for connecting glass pieces. Beginners work with straight edges with more intricate projects available for advanced levels.

Woodshop - Campers make trays, birdhouses, and other decorative items that can then be painted and finished. They work with various soft and hardwoods, and use hand tools, electric sanders, and if qualified (and with the help and supervision of staff) power sanders and jig or band saws.