Camp Activities for Kids of All Ages

June 11, 2020

Do you remember what it was like going to camp when you were a kid? If you were like many children out there, you had an absolutely amazing time. You made friends, learned new skills, and got to participate in camp activities for kids of all ages. Now, it’s time for your children to have the same experiences. Check out some of the fun activities your kids can do when they come out to Camp Netimus.

Water Sports

Nothing says “summer camp” like water sports. When it comes to camp activities for kids of all ages, it really doesn’t get better than water sports. Not only will it help your kids cool off on those hot summer days outside, but they’ll learn some new skills and get fit in the meantime. Who knows? You may have a little swimmer on your hands by the time they get home.

Fine Arts and Crafts

Getting active is important, but so is being creative. Luckily, camp activities include fine arts and crafts. This is a ton of fun for kids who really want to tap into their creative side and make something incredible to show their friends and counselors.

The Green Department

It’s important for kids to know the importance of taking care of the environment and living in a healthy manner for themselves and the planet. That’s where the Green Department comes in. It offers camp activities for kids of all ages relating to health and the environment. Your kids are going to learn a lot in this part of the camp, and they may come home with a new passion for nature.

Camp Netimus Offers Camp Activities for Kids of All Ages

There’s just so much to do at Camp Netimus! If you are looking for a camp that offers activities for kids of all ages, you know this is the place to be. Reach out to Darlene Calton at 570-296-6131 or if you’d like more information about how you can register your daughter for summer camp this year.