All Girl Summer Camp Near Me

February 20, 2021

Summer camps provide a fun getaway for children and a summer break for parents. They provide activities and provide happy remembrances for years to come. When searching for an "all girl summer camp near me", Camp Netimus located in Pennsylvania makes an excellent choice. Operating since the 1930s, Camp Netimus is an accredited program.

Social Benefits

Summer camps offer a host of opportunities for children. While attending summer camps, children make lifelong friends. With a variety of group activities summer camps create positive bonding experiences. While being away from home can be scary, it does provide a unique experience to meet other young people. 

Group activities encourage teamwork and learning about people from different cultures and backgrounds. Collaboration is an important skill for future endeavors. Other skills such as conflict resolution are fostered, which will provide valuable skills later in life, especially in the workforce.

Physical Benefits

Summer camps provide mental and physical benefits. Today's children are often indoors spending long hours in front of the tv or tablet screens. Summer camps often focus on physical outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, or watersports. This increases their physical fitness and gives them time outside. 

Many camps offer healthier eating options and provide gardening or cooking classes to encourage the eating of more fruits and vegetables. Creating healthy habits earlier in life leads to a reduction of obesity and other health complications later in life.

Mental Benefits

Camps encourage creativity through different arts and crafts. They may even offer performance arts as well. Art is often used as an outlet for stress. Navigating through the different activities and relationships improves problem-solving skills. 

Being away from home develops independence. In addition, being successful at the various activities increases self-esteem while trying and failing before success develops resiliency. Unstructured playtime helps children to reach milestones in cognitive, social, and emotional development. Play is also a tool to reduce and manage stress. 

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All Girl Summer Camp Near Me

If you're close to Pennsylvania, Camp Netimus is an excellent choice for a summer camp for your daughter with plenty of activities. Camp Netimus is an award-winning summer camp that is only a phone call away.

Please use our Contact Us form, call  (570) 296-6131, or email for availability, further information, or to schedule a tour of our sleep away camp.