What is a Brother/Sister Camp?

A brother/sister camp is actually two separate camps which come together from time to time for joint activities. Shohola and Netimus are both single sex camps, which have operated as brother and sister camps for over 60 years. The camps are 14 miles apart.

Why Choose a Brother/Sister Camp?

sholohalogoAs parents, educators and former campers ourselves, we strongly believe that separate camps for boys and girls are wonderful places for children to express themselves and develop self assurance.  Our camps encourage campers to celebrate their childhood without the pressures of a co-ed setting. Both Netimus for Girls and Shohola for Boys have an added bonus in that we offer opportunities, formal and informal, for campers to get together. Dances, co-ed trips, and tournaments offer many occasions for boys and girls to meet and interact. Girls who actually have a brother at Camp Shohola will also enjoy brother-sister bi-weekly visits while they are with us. Each will get to see the other's camp and enjoy a dinner together on Sunday evenings. They may even be surprised at how much they miss each other while they are apart!!!

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