5 Reasons to Pick a Horse Camp

August 22, 2019

Horses are beautiful and majestic animals. To be around such a powerful and natural presence can be thoroughly rewarding. What could be better than spending time at a summer camp complete with horses? Camp Netimus for Girls we have a well-established equestrian program for campers. Learn more about caring for these animals as well as riding horseback. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for girls who love horses to become more involved with equestrian culture. Camp Netimus is proud to offer a comprehensive program for riders of all skill levels. Safety techniques, maneuvering, transitioning, and even lead changes can be learned through our program along with much more. Here are our favorite 5 reasons to pick a horse camp.

Our 5 Favorites

1: Take on responsibility. There are few better ways to take on responsibility than caring for an animal that depends on you. Not only will our riders learn to respect animals, they will learn more about how to actually care for them when it comes to diet, grooming, exercise, and more.

2: Learn new problem solving skills. Riders must be able to make quick decisions at times during their riding sessions. By respectfully handling such a large animal you are taking control of your path and the direction you want to go. Becoming a disciplined horseback rider takes a lot of skills, time, and above all: practice.

3: Companionship is part of the culture. Just as human beings seek out interaction with other beings, horses crave this too. We are both social creatures, and there is a very strong bond created by a horseback rider and the horse she rides. Riding can definitely be therapeutic on both sides of the equation. Some people feel right at home around these wonderful animals. Riders can also become quite good friends with those who share the same interests, and riding can be beneficial all around.

4: Physical health benefits. Riding a horse is actually quite physically demanding and will cause the rider to keep in shape while continuing to develop new physical strengths. Not only is physical strength put to the test, but so is balance and coordination. There are many physical and psychological benefits to horseback riding. The two go hand-in-hand.

5: Fun! Horseback riding is a really cool way to get around. Our relationship with horses dates back a long time, and they have seemingly always been our trusted companions. By taking on different challenges as a rider you can embrace a piece of human history, gain new friends, learn something new, and put yourself up for a challenge. There are many more benefits to horseback riding such as relaxation, competition, transportation, or even a career.horseback riding camp near me

Camp Netimus for Girls is a great place for riders of all skill levels to take on something new. Learning new skills and further developing pre-existing ones is all part of the fun. When you are seeking an equestrian camp there is no place better than Camp Netimus. Our dedicated staff, and beautiful horses are here to see to it that you have a beautiful summer. Our favorite 5 reasons to pick a horse camp are just a few of the many out there. Join Camp Netimus for an unforgettable summer experience.